Slate Paintings and Signs for the winter


Winter Village  8x14 $25.00

You can just imagine the peace and quiet in this winter scene on slate!

This slate painting of a winter village captures the peacefulness of a snowy day along a country road. This slate can be personalized or simply have the word "Welcome". I have also sold this slate for interior decoration. Please fill in any wording below (include welcome if desired) or the slate will be shipped exactly as shown

Crackle Snow Scene


Item # 1d
$15.00 plus shipping and handling

Barn in the snow

approx. 9" x 11"

This slate can be hung indoors or outdoors! The barn also looks nice painted red if you prefer.
item #2d
$22.50 plus shipping and handling

Choice of text

custom text

position of holes

for the Red Barn order #3-D below

Choice of text

custom text

position of holes

Snowmen Crossing

approx. size 8x9

Item # 5-D $12.50 plus shipping and handling

Snowman cutout.

This snowman may look like it is painted on a black background, but it is actually cut into the shape of a snowman and is hanging against a black background. He has been dressed in a fabric hat and scarf with real buttons glued down the front.. Perfect for the snowman collector!

approximately 13" tall

item 8165 $22.50 plus shipping & handling


Slate cut into the shape of a snowman!

Snowman Cutout #2

Here's another unique slate cut into the shape of a snowman. this one is completely painted instead of having the cloth hat and scarf as above.\









Gingerbread boy #8 D


This one is cut out like a huge Gingerbread cookie! It's approximately 12" tall with a recipe for "Grandmom's gingerbread" painted right on his belly!


Crackle, house &barn

Peer though the evergreen wreath to see the snow falling on a country road, while the warm glow of the lights shine through the windows of an old country home. The crackle background add to the charm of this slate.

#8170 $24.50 approx. size 10x12

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