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    Slate Paintings for that Autumn Moodslate painitng of pumpkin, Indian corn and sunflower

    The air is cooling off and the leaves are changing color. Here in Maryland, Fall means harvest time and that means pumpkins, apples gourds and scarecrows.  The leaves turn so many beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange. 

    With Autumn being the season of "natural decor", a slate painting for Fall fits right in! What better way to decorate for the Fall than a slate pumpkin or the fruits and vegetables of harvest time! Slates that will really put you in an Autumn mood are shown here.

    Thanksgiving slates will be coming soon!  They make lovely hostess gifts when you really want to bring something along but the hostess insists on doing all the cooking!

    To see a larger version of the slates, please click on the photo of your choice.

    Cornucopia Welcome- Cream background

    slate painting of cornicopia

    A cornucopia filled with the season's freshest fruits and vegetables says it's harvest time! This slate can be used throughout the Fall and is great for Thanksgiving.

    Item # 1246-C

     Size  approx.10" x 12" $25.00

    Cornucopia Welcome- Slate background


    Same as above only with a more traditional slate background

    Item # 1246-SB

    Size  approx.10" x 12" $25.00

    Pumpkin and sunflowers-horizontal

    This is a nice large slate which can be used from the end of summer to Thanksgiving.

    Item # 1222-LH

    Size Approx 9" x 11"


    Pumpkin and sunflowers-Vertical


    This Fall slate is the same as above but can fit into a more narrow space.

    Item # 1222-LV

    Size approx 11x9


    Cutout pumpkins

    These unique cut out pumpkin shape slates are my own design.  So you definitely won't find them any where else!  If you do somebody copied my work! Choose from the designs below or request one just for you!  I can add your name, "welcome" or any other wording if you like.

    They measure approx. 9x11 and are $24.00 each.

    sunflower in pumpkin


    scarecrow w/falling leaves


    Indian corn and sunflower



    Harvest time in pumpkin


    scarecrow, sunflowers

    item # 1234


    mums in pumpkin 

    item# 1235



    custom painting of personalized pumpkins

    Personalized pumpkin Family

    Each pumpkin on this slate has the names of your family members. Add your pets names too! The number and size of the pumpkins will depend on how many names you need on them. approx. size 7x12

     Item #1239 $22.00

    Family name
    names on pumpkins

    Fall leaves- Border

    The colors on this slate can be altered to your taste.  Request more yellows or gold , deep reds or maroon, or golden browns-whatever color you wish!  If desired, replace with the family name for no extra cost! approx. size 7x 14

    Item # 1220B   $22.00

    custom wording


    Fall leaves-square

    This  is a simple economical slate  but still gives the  feeling of a crisp Autumn day.

    Fall Leaves approx 9x9. Item # 1220-SQ  $20.00

    custom wording

    Fall Leaves Larger size 10x12 Item #1220-LG $24.50
    custom wording


    Add your name to this Fall slate too!



    Apples and Pumpkins

    Here in MD and Southeastern PA, apples start the Fall season.  What can be better on a cool Autumn day than a hot cup of apple cider? This slate reminds me of the days I used to pack the kids in the car and head to the apple orchard for a morning of picking apples and getting my first sip of apple cider for the year!

    approx. 7x12 $20.00 item#1227

    custom wording

    One pumpkin, One Indian Corn

    Be sure to click on this photo to see the details and colors of the Indian corn on this slate.

    You won't have to worry about any mice invading your house to snack on this corn!

    This one can be done in 2 different sizes so choose your size below.

    approx. size, 6x8 item #1228-S  $12.00 

    custom wording

    approx. size 10x11 item # 1228L, $ 22.00

    custom wording

    Harvest Time

    It's Harvest time on this slate, so bring in the crops for a delightful Fall display!  This slate is full of gourds, & pumpkins sitting on a bale of hay with classic dried corn in the background.


    Approx. size 10x12 $22.00 item #1241

    custom wording

    One Pumpkin, One sunflower

    This slate can be done in 2 sizes also

    size 7x9 item #1223s $12.00

    custom wording


    size 10x12 #1223L  $22.00

    custom wording