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Attention!!!Cut off date for Christmas orders:  November 25 will be the last day that I will guarantee delivery by Christmas. You can order after that,  I might make it, but I can't make any promises that you'll get it before the holiday!  I don't like turning customers away but there's only so much I can do in so little time as I hand cut and paint these myself!

Slate Paintings of Flowers 

What can say " Welcome " more than a bouquet full of flowers?

These flowers slates are a perfect way to welcome your guests! Flowers are one of my favorite items to paint. I often use the flowers fresh from my garden to inspire me. I only wish I could have more time to plant as well as paint!.

Chose from any of these slates shown or make a request below for your favorite kind of flower on slate:

  • Flower slates can be painted with flowers on the border of the slate, as a bouquet, or see my page with  flower beds and gardens.
  • I can personalize your slate painting with either your name or house number.
  • Don't want a rectangular slate? No problem! I hand cut each and every slate myself and can cut them as ovals, tombstone, round , square or anything else you can come up with!
  • I can also paint a bouquet of flowers to match your interior decor, with out the word "welcome". If you don't want any kind of wording on the slate just leave a note on your order stating so.

click on each picture for a larger version

coneflowers & daisies in corners

This slate was done as a custom order with the saying as shown.  However it would make a very pretty Welcome sign and can be personalized if desired.

approx. size 9x9  $22.00


Dogwood Oval

  Dogwood certainly says "Spring is here!"

This slate, cut in the shape of an oval, measures 8x 10".




Bouquet of flowers

 This  was another custom slate done for the same customer as the Coneflowers in Corners slate.   It can be left plain , without any wording for a nice interior decorative element, or as a welcome slate. the choice is yours!

Gerber Daisies

This basket is filled over the brim with Gerber  daises

If these brightly painted colors aren't for you, maybe you would want them in shades of pink or purple?  It's up to you as I can paint them whatever color you like.

approx. size 9x11  $24.50


Butterflies and Dragonflies

This  slate full of flowers, butterflies and dragon flies is a bright slate to welcome your guests!

approx. size 9x9 $22.00



Wisteria and peonies

Two old fashioned favorites adorn this slate .in a more formal design.

approx size 9x11 $22.00






Black eyed susans

Here's the sate flower of Maryland! The slate shown was a smaller version 6x8 $12.00, but I can also make a bigger one 9x11 with many more of the blacked -eyed beauties. $22.00




See more spring time slates! click link below

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