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    Promote Your Page Too Solution Graphics

    Choose from many of my designed kitchen slates or I can design one for you.

    Do you have a special theme for your kitchen decor? I can design a slate around that theme! Just email me with some of the information about your other kitchen decor and I can work with you to match it.

    Bless my kitchen

    I can change the colors to match your kitchen decor.  Just email me with any changes you would like to make with these slates

    Approx. 8"x10" item #1f   $14.99 plus shipping and handling


    Bless my kitchen 2

    Approx. size 5"x11 " item # 2-f   $12.99 plus shipping and handling



    Apples for sale

    item# 3F $9.50



    Ring Bell for Maid Service

    Bring a little humor into your kitchen with this slate! "Ring Bell for maid service, if nobody answers do it yourself! "

    Includes a little hanging bell for those who dare to ring! The maid's dress can be color coordinated to your kitchen decor.

    item #4F $16.50 plus shipping and handling

    Choose Dress Color



    Complaints to the cook...

    Complaints to the cook can be hazardous to your health!
    I can customize the border if desired to match you kitchen decor.
    approx. size 6"x8" Item # 5F $9.99 plus shipping and handling

    Choose Border




    Eggs for sale 10 cents

    Whether you collect chickens or have a county kitchen, this slate with hens will add an old fashioned accent!
    approx. size 3 1/2 x 9 item # 6F $7.50



    Cleaning house...

    Cleaning house while kids are growing, is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing!
    This slate sign will give Mom a little laugh!
    approx. size 6"x9" item # 7 F $9.50





    Kitchen Guest slate

    These little blue birds whistle: "No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best!"  It matches the slate below.  The birds can also be painted brown or however you like to match your kitchen decor.
    approx. size 4" x9" item # 8F $9.75


    Kitchen Closed...

    This is the perfect kitchen slate for those who have had enough of cooking! "Kitchen closed due to illness. I'm sick of cooking":  I can also change this slate to match your kitchen decor by changing the colors of the birds or by using a flower border in colors to match your decor.           approx. size 4" x9" item # 9F $9.75


    Irish Kitchen Prayer

    This is a slate that I painted for wedding gift for my nephew and his bride. She is of Irish heritage and her kitchen is decorated in a "grapes" theme. This slate is a rather large one and can be changed to reflect your decor. Just email me with any special requests!
    item #10F approx. size "12 x 12" $24.50



    Gingerbread boy

    The center of ginger bread boy has a recipe for "Grandma's gingerbread" trimmed in cinnamon sticks and raffia. The brown paint is actually a crackle finish-makes it look more like a real ginger bread cookie! This slate looks cute in a country kitchen! Also makes a nice decoration for Christmas.

    Item 11F $16.95



    Sit & converse

    Hang this cute little house shaped slate by your kitchen door to give you guests a chuckle.  The poem on it says  "Welcome, although you'll find my home a mess, come in ,sit down, converse. It doesn't always look like this, sometimes it's even worse."

           Item #199 $9.50


    Complaints to the cook

    Take heed to this little slate "Complaints to the cook can be hazardous to your health."


    item #194 $9.50


    No Whining

    No Whining #1915 $7.50


    Do you like coffee?

    coffee pot paintingspage  2has some of my favorite kitchen slates with old fashioned coffee pot themes!