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Slate signs and paintings are a unique way to decorate for Christmas with an old fashioned flair! Forget the tacky plastic and cheap imports for Christmas!  Choose from my many designs of Santa Claus slates,  snowmen,  poinsettias, and more. These are just a sample of what I can do. I'll be happy to create a special slate for Christmas for you or as a gift.

Santa Face

HO HO HO ! This huge happy Santa face can be personalized, used as a Welcome sign, or just left without any writing for a decoration inside or out!  Just remember Santa is hand painted so his face can take on different characteristics as I paint them individually!

approx.9-10"x12-13" $25.00

Please fill in any wording below before clicking the Add to Cart button (include "welcome" if desired) or the slate will be shipped as just the face.


Santa Slate Cutout Shape

This slate is cut into the shape of Santa! His buckle and buttons shimmer in gold.  Santa collectors, you won't find another one like this one! Order early for Christmas! 10-12" tall

 item # 7D $16.95





Countdown to Christmas

item # 8201 $14.99

Count down those days till Christmas!

The slate in the center is left unpainted so you can write the amount of days till Christmas! Comes with a stick of chalk tied to the side of the slate.




Poinsettia Heart

Here's a simple but pretty slate cut in the shape of a heart .  The edges are bordered with greenery with a single large poinsettia centered on the bottom point of the heart.  Wording can be changed to personalized the slate or to wish your friends Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

Comes in 2 sizes: small 7x7 or large 9x11

Poinsettia Heart Small $10.00 item # ph7x7  


 Poinsettia Heart Large $18.00 item # ph9x11

Santa With Presents

This old fashioned Santa carrying his sack of toys is painted on a crackle background with a holly border.  Order as shown without any wording or I can make the top a little longer to add your requested wording.

Santa with Presents Crackle $24.00 approx. size 9x11

 Santa with Presents

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